Bruce, Lacy, and Ethan

Here we have another really fun crew that I get to photograph on a somewhat regular basis. Their little man, Ethan, has been growing like crazy, and it has been awesome getting to capture his energy on “film” for them over the last few years.

© Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox



After overcoming a bunch of obstacles along the way, the parents of this little dude are pretty excited to have him in their lives. He is just a couple of weeks old in these photos and wasn’t feeling too good at the time, but we managed to catch some good photos of him…and some of those expressions are priceless.

© Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox © Peter Heacox

The Burrs

TJ and the rest of the Burr family are always fun to photograph. It’s pretty hard to take a bad shot of the kids…and the adults are pretty cool, too. Here are some of my favorites from shooting at a park in Windsor on a relatively nice day, for January.

© Heacox Photography© Heacox Photography © Heacox Photography © Heacox Photography © Heacox Photography

Kade Joseph

Here we have Mr. Kade Joseph, Lauren and Kevin’s little man, and Charlotte’s little brother…what a good lookin’ fella. Congrats (though belated) to the family on their new addition.

20131208_kade-web-3 20131208_kade-web-1620131208_kade-web-32 20131208_kade-web-41 20131208_kade-web-42

The Shumakers

It’s always a treat getting to spend some time with these three…whether soaking in the sun and songs at Red Rocks or shooting some photos at the park. Here are some pics from an evening last fall at Fort Collins’ City Park.

2013-Shumakers-web-4 2013-Shumakers-web-71 2013-Shumakers-web-52 2013-Shumakers-web-30 2013-Shumakers-web-22 2013-Shumakers-web-15 2013-Shumakers-web-8

The Townsends

Back in late October part of our extended family hired me to get some maternity shots of Lauren before their little man made his way into the world. We got some really nice shots of her and then spent the rest of the time taking photos of Charlotte while spending a beautiful morning in Old Town Fort Collins.

20131027_townsend-ws-1 20131027_townsend-ws-9 20131027_townsend-ws-15 20131027_townsend-ws-17 20131027_townsend-ws-1920131027_townsend-ws-35

The Family

Here are a bunch of images of my family (and one of me) from the last year or so. All were shot by me except for the first image, which was taken by my friend, Warren Diggles.

_Y4H7248-4x6 IMG_0976 IMG_2128 IMG_2421 IMG_3498 IMG_3571 IMG_4590 IMG_4694 IMG_7374 IMG_7948 IMG_8021 IMG_8101 IMG_8119 IMG_8124 Jackie Halloween