The Shumakers

It’s always a treat getting to spend some time with these three…whether soaking in the sun and songs at Red Rocks or shooting some photos at the park. Here are some pics from an evening last fall at Fort Collins’ City Park.

2013-Shumakers-web-4 2013-Shumakers-web-71 2013-Shumakers-web-52 2013-Shumakers-web-30 2013-Shumakers-web-22 2013-Shumakers-web-15 2013-Shumakers-web-8


The Townsends

Back in late October part of our extended family hired me to get some maternity shots of Lauren before their little man made his way into the world. We got some really nice shots of her and then spent the rest of the time taking photos of Charlotte while spending a beautiful morning in Old Town Fort Collins.

20131027_townsend-ws-1 20131027_townsend-ws-9 20131027_townsend-ws-15 20131027_townsend-ws-17 20131027_townsend-ws-1920131027_townsend-ws-35

Galaxy S4

I have been blown away by the capabilities of the Galaxy S4’s camera. Now, I wouldn’t use it to make big prints, but the files should hold up for up to a 10″ print. Either way, it’s pretty impressive…the following were all shot with it and processed in Lightroom.

20131018_162415 20131021_154855 20131024_180253 20131030_085312 20131109_123808_13 20131109_131055 20131109_170305 20131123_162048 20131201_163538 20131204_140842 20131206_085433 20131218_162151 20131224_161114 20131230_155256(0) 20131230_155301_6 20140221_083657 20140221_125615

20140302_030108 20140307_164915 20140320_183530

Time to catch up…

Well, I sure have neglected this thing for quite a while. Here are a few random photos that I shot over the last 6-8 months to (re)start things off.


One of my good friend’s sons on a recent trip to Minnesota

IMG_2015 IMG_2037

The incomparable Mike Burnett hitting out of a bunker and teeing off.


Frosty morning in Loveland, Colo.


A friend needed a quick portrait for his graduation announcements.


Wicked sunset on the way home from Fort Collins.

Veterans Day

Loveland celebrated and honored local Veterans with a parade that went right by Lilly’s school, so Grace, Jackson, and I headed down to watch with her. There are no words to describe the gratitude my family and I have for the men and women that protect, and have protected, this great nation…Thank You!
IMG_7676 IMG_7737 IMG_7752 IMG_7806 IMG_7871

Brett & Johanna

This was, to put it mildly, an adventure. Our entire family of five loaded into the Heacox Family Truckster (Ford Freestyle) for a 2000+ mile, Griswold-inspired journey to Springfield, Illinois, and back. Why, you may ask? Well, Johanna is my youngest cousin, and my entire family would be attending her wedding…it was a must that we be there too. Anyway, the whole trip went far smoother than I could have imagined with the girls rarely fighting and Jackson just rolling with it without much of a fuss at all. Apart from barely making it an hour between bathroom stops, more than one uttering of “are we there yet?”, and a few other minor annoyances, we made it in one piece.

The culmination of all this traveling was Johanna’s wedding, which I agreed to photograph for her. One of the true gifts of being a photographer is being able to give your family an amazing gift like memories captured forever — I was honored to shoot it. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a blast, and it was awesome getting to see all of the people I love so much gathered in one place for such a happy day.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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